Delivery NetworksHigh quality products & services are conveyed
by our extensive network. Our domestic &
overseas bases ,which comprise more
than 100, realize customers’

  • 國內拠點

    Domestic network

    We have 21 bases all over Japan, including Tokyo & Osaka head offices, Nagoya office. Utilizing this network and strong relations with customers, we progress our sales activities in each region.

  • 海外拠點

    Overseas Network

    JFE Shoji Groups has 54 sales bases in 19 countries, including ones of Kawasho Foods, JFE Shoji Electronics. Our network covers regions of Asia, North America, Middle East and even Africa. By this wide network, we construct strong partnership with foreign customers.

  • 國內グループ會社

    Domestic group companies

    We have a lot of domestic group companies which handle thick plates, thin steel sheet, construction materials, pipes and Terre Armee. These companies offer various services, utilizing each function.

  • 海外グループ會社

    Overseas group companies

    We are operating 26 group companies in 12 countries, including 16 steel processing centers in 11 countries. Our steel processing centers conduct secondary & thirdly processing for electrical & automobile steel sheets and are taking roles of parts of customers’ production lines with high quality services.

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