Business ModelsWe satisfy customer’s needs with various products, utilizing our efficient SCM from raw materials to products, processing and logistics.

JFE Group

  • Raw Materials
    & Machineries

    Raw Materials & Machineries

    We provide iron ore, coal and various machineries for steel works to secure their stable operation, utilizing our global procurement network.


  • Steel Products

    Steel Products Sales

    Steel is essential for the society. It plays countless roles in our life.
    The steel products we supply help make society more convenient, comfortable and prosperous.


  • Steel Products

    Steel Products Processing

    It is our processing services that some values are added in accordance with customers’ needs.


  • Delivery Networks

    Delivery Networks

    High quality products & services are conveyed by our extensive network. Our domestic & overseas bases ,which comprise more than 100, realize customers’ satisfactions.



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