Other business fieldsBusiness domains of JFE Shoji have been expanded
into the fields of not only steel but also ships,
chemicals, Industrial materials, fuels, Terre

  • 船舶?産業資材

    Ships, Industrial Materials

    In ship business fields, we act as an intermediary in ship chartering and conduct sales of not only newly built vessel but second-hand ones. We also enhance our existence in fields of chemicals, fuels, non-ferrous metal, raw materials for plastic and expand this field into the global market.

  • 食品(川商フーズ)

    Foods (Kawasho Foods)

    With the motto “tasty makes happy”, Kawasho Foods deliver popular and delicious foods throughout the world. In particular, GEISYA brand canned foods have a history going back over 100 years and penetrate into household tables in Middle East, West Africa. And Kawasho Foods is handling Nozaki Brand also which is very famous in Japanese markets.

  • エレクトロニクス(JFE商事エレクトロニクス)

    Electronics ( JFE Shoji Electronics )

    JFE Shoji Electronics deals in high quality products from semiconductor devices to surface mount technology, offering advanced technical support and versatile solution proposals.

  • テールアルメ

    Terre Armee

    JFE Shoji Terre One promotes the world’s most advanced reinforced earth methods called Terre Armee. This method was invested in 1963 and was recognized its reliability and durability through enduring a lot of big earthquakes.

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