Raw Materials & MachineriesWe provide iron ore, coal and various machineries
for steel works to secure their stable operation,
utilizing our global procurement network.

  • 鉱石?石炭

    Iron ore, Coal

    We are constantly securing and expanding our imports of high quality raw materials and participating in resource development projects mainly in Australia.

  • 金屬?合金鉄

    Metallic Materials, Ferrous Alloy

    We procure Metallic Materials, Ferrous Alloy also. We are expanding supply sources in not only China but also Southeast Asia and are participating in the production project in foreign countries.

  • 鉄スクラップ?コークス

    Steel Scraps, Coking Coals

    Steel scraps are valuable recycled resources. We conduct a just-in-time supply of steel scraps to both domestic & overseas markets from our six yards. And we have our own business model for coking coal through the size separating facilities.

  • 資機材


    Offices located at each JFE Steel plants help us directly promote sales of machineries needed by JFE Group to ensure their stable operation. In addition, we are expanding our business fields for machineries in the global market.

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