Steel Products ProcessingIt is our processing services that values
are added in accordance with customers’

  • 自動車鋼板加工

    Processing for automobile steel sheets

    Observing customers’ plan for developing new models, we provide most adequate processing functions by utilizing our state-of-art equipment and can be integrated into customers’ automobile production lines. Moreover, we manage to process automobile high tension steel sheets whose requirements are rapidly increasing.

  • 電機?電磁加工

    Processing for Electrical steel sheets

    Electrical steel sheets are needed for transformers, motors, hybrid cars and so on. We perform secondary & thirdly processing also ,which are almost parts of final products, in accordance with customers’ needs.

  • 厚板加工

    Processing for thick steel plates

    Based on our typical equipment functions, we provide processed plate which contribute to the high strengthen for ship buildings & heavy machineries and the efficiency in construction sites. Moreover, we can process numerous pre-fabricated blocks for ship building companies.

  • 製缶加工

    Processing for cans

    Processing steel cans is required for design natures to cope with various forms. We can realize processed cans ,which possess corrosion resistance & material characteristics, in the fields of cans for juice, foods and paints.

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