Steel Products SalesSteel is essential for the society. It plays countless
roles in our life. The steel products we supply help
make society more convenient, comfortable
and prosperous.

  • 厚板

    Thick steel plates

    We are handling thick steel plate for ship building, heavy machineries, constructions and energy fields such as gas tanks. We are suggesting various ideas to satisfy customers’ needs.

  • 薄板

    Thin steel sheets

    Thin steel sheets are utilized in various near places of you, such as automobiles, electrical devices, roofing and kitchen appliances. We supply high quality products in accordance with customers’ requests.

  • 鋼管?建材

    Pipes, Construction materials

    Steel pipes & construction materials sustain infrastructures in our society. We supply gas pipes, structure pipes, OCTG, line pipes, specialty pipes and construction & engineering materials which are indispensable for infrastructures.

  • その他製品

    Other products

    Steel bars, wire rods, iron powders, which you might can not find out by your eyes directly, are crucial for various products. We supply these products in accordance with customers’ needs.

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