2020.08.06  Please be wary of suspicious e-mails claiming to be from JFE

Recently, JFE has received a number of reports of spoofed communications, sent via e-mail or social networking services (SNS), which deceptively use JFE’s company name and the names of its executives in an attempt to get people to reply with information.
These spoofed e-mails are in no way related to JFE or any of its group companies. Moreover, JFE does not use e-mails or SNS to request people to send personal information.
Please be aware that these e-mails are scams aimed at phishing for personal information (PINs, etc.) or tricking the receiver into sending money. Please do not reply to these e-mails or access any of the URLs listed therein. Moreover, please delete such e-mails.
If you are unsure if any information you have received originated from JFE, please use the link below for more information.

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